Ecosystem-Based Management: Fishery Ecosystem Plan Initiatives

The FEP is intended in part to provide “management policies that coordinate Council management across its Fishery Management Plans (FMPs) and the California Current Ecosystem (CCE).” For FMP policies, the FEP is needed to “identify and prioritize research needs and provide recommendations to address gaps in ecosystem knowledge and FMP policies, particularly with respect to the cumulative effects of fisheries management on marine ecosystems and fishing communities.” Appendix A contains ecosystem-based fishery management initiatives that describe how the Council could address issues that affect two or more Council FMPs or coordinate major Council policies across the FMPs to fulfill identified FEP needs. While ecosystem initiatives are likely to be cross-FMP in scope, some initiatives might primarily affect conservation and management measures within a single FMP.  The Council has currently placed a high priority on the protection for unfished forage species initiative.

Current list of Council FEP Initiatives:

  • Comprehensive Ecosystem-Based Amendment 1: Protecting Unfished and Unmanaged Forage Fish Species
  • Potential Long-Term Effects of Council Harvest Policies on Age- and Size- Distribution in Managed Stocks
  • Bio-Geographic Region Identification and Assessment
  • Cross-FMP Bycatch and Catch Monitoring Policy
  • Cross-FMP Essential Fish Habitat
  • Cross-FMP Safety
  • Human Recruitment to the Fisheries
  • Cross-FMP Socio-Economic Effects of Fisheries Management
  • Cross-FMP Effects of Climate Shift
  • Indicators for Analyses of Council Actions