Ecosystem-Based Management: Annual State of the California Current Ecosystem

In support of its ecosystem-based management processes, the Council has requested that NMFS, in coordination with its Integrated Ecosystem Assessment Program and interested agencies, provide an annual state-of-the-ecosystem report at each of its March meetings (beginning in 2014). The Council asked that the report:

  • Be bounded in terms of its size and page range to about 20 pages in length;
  • Not wait for the “perfect” science to become available, should there be scientific information that does not come with definitive answers and numbers, but which may be useful for the Council to consider.

California Current Integrated Ecosystem Assessment

The California Current Large Marine Ecosystem is a dynamic, diverse environment spanning nearly 3000 km from southern British Columbia to Baja California, including the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone, the coastal land-sea interface, and adjacent watersheds. The California Current Integrated Ecosystem Assessment, conducted by NMFS and other agencies, aims to understand the web of interactions in the California Current ecosystem and to forecast how changing conditions and management actions affect this web. See this site for more information and recent reports.

Annual Reports