Council Operations: Council Guide

This guide to the Council process can be used to guide you through a formal Council meeting or to get involved in management issues even if you do not have time to attend Council meetings. It explains which fisheries the Council manages, how they are managed, and who to contact with your comments and questions. Download a PDF Version of the Council Guide


Part I: Background

  • What is the Pacific Fishery Management Council?
  • The Magnuson-Stevens Act
  • Other Laws Affecting Fisheries Management
  • Management Area
  • Who’s In Charge?
  • Foreign Fishing
  • Common Acronyms

Part II: Components of the Council System

  • Council Members
  • Financial Interest of Members
  • The Council Staff
  • Advisory Bodies

Part III: Council Meetings

  • Briefing Books
  • Handouts
  • Agendas and Agenda Items
  • Robert’s Rules of Order
  • Motions
  • The Secretariat
  • Public Comment

Part IV: Fishery Management Plans

  • Groundfish
  • Highly Migratory Species
  • Pacific Halibut
  • Salmon
  • Coastal Pelagic Species

Part V: Why Get Involved in Management?

  • Ten Ways to Get Involved