Council and Advisory Bodies: Salmon Advisory Subpanel

Mr. Butch Smith serves as the Chair and Mr. Richard Heap serves as the Vice Chair. Currently, this group comprises two tribal representatives (from the Washington coast, and California); one gillnetter; three charter boat operators and three trollers (one from each coastal state); four sport fishers (one from each state, including Idaho); one processor; and one conservation representative. See the current SAS roster.

Recent SAS Reports

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November 2014

A schedule for the 2015 preseason salmon management process has been set. Public hearings will be held in Westport, Washington and Coos Bay, Oregon on March 30, 2015, and in Fort Bragg, California on March 31. Lower Columbia River coho: The Council adopted a new harvest control rule for ESA-listed Lower Columbia River natural coho that provides modest increases in fishery opportunity. This action was in response to new information on coho status and maintains a minimal level of risk to the conservation and recovery of this important salmon stock. The Council requests that NMFS evaluate the new control rule in time for its use in the 2015 salmon management process.

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