Rosters: Council Member Biographies, Statements of Financial Interest

The Pacific Council has 14 voting members and 5 non-voting members; noting that the voting National Marine Fisheries Service seat rotates between representatives of the Northwest and Southwest Sections of the West Coast Region on an issue-dependent basis. Below you will find biographies, contact information, and if applicable, statements of financial interest.

You may also download a PDF version of the complete Council Member roster.

Mr. Phil Anderson
At-Large Appointment
Westport, WA
Phone: (360) 268-9141

Mr. Anderson’s statement of financial interest, 2015

Mr. Phil Anderson is serving his first term as the at-large representative which expires August 10, 2018. Mr. Anderson recently retired from a 20 year career at the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife where he held several positions including Special Assistant to the Director overseeing intergovernmental issues associated with both fish and wildlife, serving as Deputy Director of the agency from 2007- 2008, and finally serving as the agency Director from 2009 – January of 2015.

Prior to his career with the State of Washington, Mr. Anderson owned and operated a charter fishing boat business from 1970 – 1994, fishing out of the ports of Westport and Neah Bay. He held an obligatory seat serving as a member of the Pacific Fishery Management Council from 1987 – 1994 and he has also been a longtime participant within the Pacific States Marine Commission.

Mr. Anderson is currently serving as a Commissioner on the Pacific Salmon Commission, a body that is responsible for implementing the U.S. / Canada Salmon Treaty. He also represents the interests of the Pacific Fishery Management Council on the Joint Management Committee established to implement the U.S./Canada Whiting treaty.

Mr. Anderson and his wife, Chris, live in Westport and have two sons. Mr. Anderson once again operates a charter business on a part time basis and pursues his passion for hunting and fishing.


Mr. Chuck Bonham
State of California Official
California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Sacramento, CA
Phone: (916) 653-7667
Fax: (916) 653-7387

Mr. Chuck Bonham is the Director for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Designees for Mr. Bonham are Ms. Marci Yaremko, Ms. Joanna Grebel, and Dr. Craig Shuman.


Mr. William L.  “Buzz” Brizendine
At-Large Appointment
Charter Boat Operator, San Diego, CA
Phone: (619) 933-7828

Mr. Brizendine’s statement of financial interest, 2015

Mr. Buzz Brizendine is an appointed at-large member from California. Mr. Brizendine is currently serving his third term which expires August 10, 2018. He has held various captain positions for certified passenger fishing vessels. Mr. Brizendine currently serves on the board of directors for the Sportfishing Association of California.


Mr. David Crabbe
California Obligatory Appointment
Commercial Fishing/Fisheries Consultant/Realtor, Carmel, CA
Phone: (831) 298-7194

Mr. Crabbe’s statement of financial interest, 2015

Mr. David Crabbe is the appointed obligatory member from California. He is serving his third term which expires August 10, 2018. Mr. Crabbe has been a commercial fisherman in California for thirty years and a resident of the Monterey Peninsula since 1968. Once a college baseball prospect, David started his career in the commercial fishing industry at the age of 17. Working on his friends uncle’s boat as a deckhand, and later managing a small fleet of boats, David was a quick study.

David owns Buccaneer Fishing and holds a market squid light boat permit. For the past several years, he has represented Monterey commercial fishermen on the California Wetfish Producers Association Board of Directors and served one term as vice president and is a current board member. In this capacity, David has been engaged in a variety of regulatory issues and understands the complex nature of the fishing industry in a competitive global environment.

He has demonstrated his commitment to the fishing industry both as a volunteer, fisherman, and as a private consultant. He worked with environmental organizations to organize and facilitate a crab steering committee to discuss commercial crab fishery management issues. David has been actively involved in shaping California fishery management regularly serving as a Central California regional stakeholder for the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) process, the California Department of Fish & Game’s California Squid Advisory Board and the Fishery Advisory Board for the Monterey Bay Sanctuary. In these roles, David helped create changes in management plans of the squid industry.


Ms. Michele Culver
State of Washington, Regional Director
Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, Olympia, WA
Phone: (360) 249-1211

Ms. Michele Culver serves as the primary designee to Dr. James Unsworth, Director of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (Department). Mr. Corey Niles and Mr. Kyle Adicks also serve as designees.

Ms. Culver has worked for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife since 1994. She has been in her current position as the Regional Director of the coastal area that spans from Cape Flattery to the mouth of the Columbia River, and includes the Strait of Juan de Fuca and southern Puget Sound since 2007. Within the region, Ms. Culver coordinates with many overlapping Tribal, federal, and state jurisdictions, including 13 Treaty Tribes and two Executive Order Tribes, two National Parks, an offshore National Marine Sanctuary, and five National Wildlife Refuges.

As a Regional Director, she develops and oversees the implementation of policies and management decisions affecting fish, wildlife, and habitats within a diverse region with more than 200 employees deployed in four geographic districts across eight counties. The coastal region includes over 20,000 acres of Department-managed lands, with more than 200 access sites to public waterways, the estuaries of Grays Harbor and Willapa Bay and offshore Pacific Ocean waters.

Ms. Culver has also been a state designee on the Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC) since 2006, and previously served on the Council’s Management Teams for Groundfish and Highly Migratory Species, and on the Habitat Committee. Ms. Culver is also the PFMC’s representative on the West Coast Regional Planning Body for Ocean Planning.

She is also the Department’s representative on the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary’s Intergovernmental Policy Council with the four Coastal Treaty Tribes, the Washington Coastal Marine Advisory Council, the Marine Resource Advisory Council focused on ocean acidification research and planning efforts, and the State’s Ocean Caucus.


Mr. Jeff Feldner
At-Large Appointment
Siletz, OR
Phone: (541) 444-2460

Mr. Feldner’s statement of financial interest, 2015

Mr. Jeff Feldner is serving his second term as the at-large appointment from Oregon; his term will expire August 10, 2017. Mr. Feldner was a commercial fisherman from 1972 through 2014, operating out of Newport, OR. He owned and managed a commercial fishing business, Granville Fisheries, Inc., and was also a partner in a cooperative seafood marketing and processing plant in Newport. He was employed as a Fisheries and Seafood Specialist with OSU Sea Grant Extension from 2006 through 2013. His overall position responsibility was to promote sustainable West Coast fisheries and fishing communities by strengthening the integration of those communities into fishery management, fisheries science, and seafood marketing. He was the Oregon Sea Grant faculty outreach person involved in Oregon’s Marine Spatial Planning process, and served on the Ocean Policy Advisory Committee (OPAC) Science and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC). He has represented Oregon fisheries in management processes since 1983, serving on the Oregon Salmon Commission from 1983 – 95, the Salmon Advisory Subpanel to the Pacific Fishery Management Council from 1987–1995, the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission from 1995 – 2004, and currently on the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission. Mr. Feldner has served as a coordinator, as well as participant, in several fisheries research projects, including the ODFW Differential Selectivity Study of Salmon Gear Types, 1990, the NEAP Data Collection Projects (gear selectivity, hooking mortality, encounter rate studies), 1995 -1996, and the CROOS project (GSI study of Chinook salmon distribution), 2006 – present.


Mr. Cal Groen
State of Idaho Official
Idaho Fish and Game, Boise, ID
Phone: (208) 553-5825

Mr. Cal Groen is Idaho Fish and Game Director Virgil Moore’s designee to the Council.   Mr. Groen was the past Director of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game from 2007-2011.  Previously he was the Clearwater Regional Supervisor, Chief of the Natural Resources Policy Bureau and the Columbia River Policy Coordinator for Idaho.  He has served as an Assistant Director and Chief of Fisheries for Kansas Fish and Game and was an Assistant Director, Chief of Information and Education, and Columbia River Anadromous Fish Program Manager for the Washington Department of Wildlife.  He currently is an AFS Certified Fisheries Scientist and has degrees in political science and fisheries science.  Mr. Dave Ortmann also serves as designee.


Rear Admiral Richard T. Gromlich
US Coast Guard Official (Non-Voting)
US Coast Guard, Seattle, WA
Phone: (206) 220-7090
Fax: (206) 220-7306

Rear Admiral Richard T. Gromlich is the non-voting member representing the U.S. Coast Guard. He assumed the duties as Commander of the Thirteenth Coast Guard District in Seattle in the summer of 2013. As the Thirteenth District Commander, Rear Admiral Gromlich is responsible for U.S. Coast Guard operations covering 4 states, more than 4,400 miles of coastline, 600 miles of inland waterways, and a 125 mile international border with Canada. A native of Milton, Pennsylvania, Rear Admiral Gromlich graduated from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in 1983 with a BS in Civil Engineering and earned a MS in Industrial Administration from Purdue University’s Krannert School of Business in 1997. He is a rotary-wing aviator with tours of duty at Air Station San Diego, Air Station North Bend, as the Aeronautical Engineering Officer at Air Station Savannah, and Executive Officer at Air Station Cape Cod. His prior assignments also include Director of Operational Logistics (DOL) among other CG Headquarters units, Commanding Officer of the Coast Guard Aircraft Repair and Supply Center (ARSC), and a tour of duty afloat as a Deck Watch Officer aboard the 180-foot buoy tender USCGC Papaw. Rear Admiral Gromlich’s designees on the Council are LCDR Gregg Casad and Mr. Brian Corrigan.


Dr. Steven L. Haeseker
USFWS Official (Non-Voting)
US Fish and Wildlife Service, Vancouver, WA
Phone: (360) 604-2500
Fax: (360) 604-2505

Dr. Haeseker is a non-voting member representing the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). He shares this position in alternation with Ms. Christina Wang. Within the USFWS, he serves as the Group Lead for the Analytical Services Section of the Columbia River Fisheries Program Office (CRFPO). In this position, Dr. Haeseker also provides oversight for a broad array of analytical questions, issues, and activities including the Endangered Species Act listed species status determination and recovery planning, geographic information system application in resource management, and West Coast fishery management technical analysis. Dr. Haeseker also supervises Mr. Henry Yuen, the USFWS representative on the Council’s Salmon Technical Team, its Model Evaluation Workgroup, and on the Pacific Salmon Commission’s Chinook Technical Committee.

Dr. Haeseker received a B.S. degree in Widlife and Fisheries Biology from the University of California, Davis in 1992, a M.S. Degree in Zoology from North Carolina State University in 1995, a second M.S. degree in Statistics from Michigan State University in 2001, and a Ph.D. in Fisheries from Michigan State University in 2001. Dr. Haeseker’s professional interests and expertise include fisheries management, stock assessments, population dynamics, modeling, statistics, and decision analysis. Dr. Haeseker has extensive expertise and experience working with the hydro-system management issues in the Columbia River Basin.


Dr. David Hanson (Parliamentarian)
PSMFC Appointment (Non-Voting)
Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, Portland, OR
Phone: (218) 675-5231
Fax: (503) 595-3232

Dr. David Hanson is a nonvoting member representing Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission (PSMFC) based in Portland, Oregon. He serves as Deputy Director of PSMFC and is currently chairman of the Council’s Legislative Committee and Parliamentarian. Dr. Hanson has been employed by PSMFC since 1989. His responsibilities include service as PSMFC’s liaison with both the Pacific and North Pacific Fishery Management Councils, development of interjurisdictional fishery management plans for West Coast fisheries, and involvement in many international fishery issues for PSMFC. Prior to this position, Dr. Hanson served as Chief of Fisheries for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. Dr. Hanson holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University of Minnesota and a Ph.D. in fisheries from the University of Idaho.


Mr. David Hogan
US State Department Official (Non-Voting)
US State Department, Washington D.C.
Phone: (202) 647-2335
Fax: (202) 736-7350

David Hogan is the Deputy Director of the State Department’s Office of Marine Conservation and serves as the Department’s representative to eastern Pacific fisheries bodies and agreements, including  the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission, the Agreement on the International Dolphin Conservation Program, and the U.S.-Canada Albacore Treaty.



Mr. Rich Lincoln
Washington Obligatory Appointment
Olympia, WA
Phone: (971) 263-3226

Mr. Lincoln’s statement of financial interest, 2015

Mr. Rich Lincoln is serving his second term as the obligatory member from Washington; his term will expire August 10, 2017. Mr. Lincoln has over 40 years of varied experience in fisheries research, management and policy in the North Pacific and working on global fisheries sustainability. He is Founder and Senior Advisor of Ocean Outcomes, an international non-profit that specializes in working with communities and industry to improve the sustainability of globally significant fisheries. Prior positions included Wild Salmon Center Program Director, International Policy Director for the Marine Stewardship Council in London, UK, and a long association with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife in various research, management and policy leadership roles. These roles included serving as bi-lateral chair of the Pacific Salmon Commission’s Fraser Panel under the U.S.-Canada Salmon Treaty, developing co-management plans with Pacific Northwest treaty Indian tribes and designee to Washington State’s principal official member of PFMC. He has advised the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization on its adoption of international fisheries ecolabelling guidelines and serves as a U.S. advisor to the North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission.


Ms. Dorothy Lowman (Chair)
Oregon Obligatory Appointment
Natural Resource Consultant, Portland, OR
Phone: (503) 804-4234
Fax: (503) 292-8553

Ms. Lowman’s statement of financial interest, 2015

Ms. Lowman is an appointed obligatory member from Oregon. She is serving her third term which expires August 10, 2018. Ms. Lowman has over 30 years of experiences working with fisheries issues. As a fisheries consultant, she works with both industry and environmental organizations on fishery management issues both regionally in the Pacific and North Pacific and nationally.  Since 2014, she has also served as an US Commissioner to the Western Central Pacific Fisheries Commission.. With an undergraduate degree in oceanography and a master’s in marine resource management, her prior work experience includes working on staff at the University of Washington Oceanography Department and for the Pacific, North Pacific and Western Pacific Councils. Prior to her Council appointment, she served on the Council’s Trawl Individual Quota Committee as well as the Secretary of Commerce’s Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee.


Mr. Curt Melcher
State of Oregon Principal Official
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Salem, OR
Phone: (503) 947-6000

Mr. Curt Melcher is the Director of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW). Mr. Melcher holds a B.S. in biology from the University of Oregon. He has served at ODFW for over 28 years, including the position of Interim Director from September 2014 to February 2015. Mr. Melcher has also served on many regional management forums, including the Council’s Salmon Technical Team, the Klamath Fishery Management Council, and the Pacific Salmon Commission Southern Panel.  Mr. Chris Kern, Dr. Caren Braby, and Mr. Troy Buell serve as ODFW’s designees.


Mr. Joseph Y. Oatman
Tribal Appointment
Lapwai, ID
Phone: (206) 816-6641

Mr. Oatman’s statement of financial interest, 2015

Mr. Oatman is Deputy Program Manager for the Nez Perce Tribe Fisheries Department. He is serving his first term which will expire August 10, 2018.


Mr. Herb Pollard (Vice-Chair)
Idaho Obligatory Appointment
Boise, ID
Phone: (208) 859-0263

Mr. Pollard’s statement of financial interest, 2015

Mr. Herb Pollard is serving his second term representing the Idaho Obligatory seat; his term will expire August 10, 2016. Mr. Pollard was born in Lakeview, Oregon, and spent his early life in Lakeview and Klamath Falls, graduating from Lakeview High School in 1962. He attended University of Oregon for two years, before transferring to Oregon State University where he graduated with a BS Degree in Fisheries Science in 1967. Herb earned an MS in Fisheries Management from University of Idaho in 1969, and immediately started work for Idaho Department of Fish and Game as a Fishery Research Biologist. After a 28 year career with IDFG, including stints as Regional and State Fishery Manager, Anadromous Fishery Coordinator, and Regional Supervisor, he spent 10 years with NOAA Fisheries, dealing with Endangered Species Act consultations and regulations regarding fishery management, fish hatcheries, and harvest issues that impact listed salmon and steelhead in the Snake and Columbia River basins. Currently Mr. Pollard is working as an independent contractor consulting on fishery management issues. In addition to a professional career as a Fishery Biologist, he is an avid and expert recreational angler and has written and spoken extensively about recreational fishing.


Mr. Charles O. Swanton
State of Alaska Official (Non-Voting)
Alaska Department of Fish & Game, Juneau, AK
Phone: (907) 465-4100

Mr. Charles Swanton, Deputy commissioner, is the designee for Mr. Sam Cotten, Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADFG). He is a nonvoting member representing the State of Alaska. Alternate designees are: Ms. Karla Bush, Ms. Nicole Kimball, Ms. Dani Evenson, and Mr. Bob Clark.


Mr. Bob Turner
NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region Official
Assistant Regional Administrator
Sustainable Fisheries Division
Phone: (360) 753-5825
Fax: (360) 753-9463

Mr. Bob Turner is the designee for Mr. Will Stelle, West Coast Regional Administrator of NOAA Fisheries. Bob is the Assistant Regional Administrator with responsibility for the Sustainable Fisheries Division, the staff of which works closely with the Council to manage the marine resources of the eastern Pacific Ocean. Before the Council, Bob is focused on salmon management, budget and administration and the partnership between the Council and NOAA Fisheries.

Bob joined NOAA Fisheries in 1996 and has extensive experience in salmon management and treaty Indian fishing rights throughout the Northwest. He is the federal commissioner on the U.S.-Canada Pacific Salmon Commission. Bob is a lawyer and former Director of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Mr. Frank Lockhart represents the agency on matters related to groundfish, CPS and the Fishery Ecosystem Plan.  Ms. Heidi Taylor represents the agency on Highly Migratory Species.  Dr. Peter Dygert also serves as a NOAA Fisheries designee before the Council on salmon matters.


Mr. Dan Wolford
At-Large Appointment
Coastside Fishing Club, Pacifica, California
Phone: (408) 356-2465
Fax: (408) 356-4325


Mr. Wolford’s statement of financial interest, 2015

Mr. Wolford is an appointed at-large member from California. He is serving his third term that will expire on August 10, 2016. Mr. Wolford has been a recreational fisherman all his life, first in Oregon and for the past 30 years in California. Since retiring in 2001 as an aerospace systems engineering manager, he has been a volunteer advocate for recreational fishermen in support of science based fisheries management; serving as the Science Director, and currently the President of the Coastside Fishing Club. In that capacity he has actively supported research into rockfish barotrauma survivability, and advocated for release strategies to improve survivability of regulatory discards, developed recreational groundfish catch estimation methodologies, and supported salmon net pen acclimation projects. He has worked with the California Department of Fish and Game, and Commission, to create recreational seasons and regulations for salmon, sturgeon, and striped bass.  Mr. Wolford has served on the Council’s Salmon Advisory Subpanel, and the ad hoc Salmon Amendment Team, and has worked with members of the Groundfish Management Team and Groundfish Advisory Subpanel.